Am looking forward to playing this “new” club! Friday, 19 June, – Apart from Colin Montgomerie using and endorsing the brand, the Yonex profile in the UK market is not as high as other premium club-makers. I did not hit it as far but it was straight. It may or may not still have the wrapping on, but the club has never been used. The club hits it really high so is ideal for low hitters looking to gain carry distance.

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Yonex nanospeed i you have a query regarding this item, please login you need to be a registered usercomplete the box below and click “submit”. Very futuristic to look at. I used to fade the ball but this driver enables me to drilll the ball straight down the fairway. Sell Your Golf Clubs.

Straight down the fairway, a delight to use. Service from yonex nanospeed i was great! Am looking forward to playing this “new” club! We do not buy clubs that are rated less than 6. At yonex nanospeed i I have found a driver which I can hit with abandon, knowing that each shot will be long yoex straight.

Chrome protective layer will still be in tact, with no pitting. The club has never yonex nanospeed i a golf ball. The weight saving Carbon graphite crown allows vital weight to be re-positioned further and deeper within the head for the optimum centre of gravity, ensuring the perfect launch angle for maximum distance off the tee.

This exact science might be baffling to anyone without a degree in molecular physics, but as long as the clubs perform, who cares, surely? I keep reading that we should be going up degrees to get more distance but was not sure yonex nanospeed i I used my wifes Yonex 14 degree.

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Suffice yonex nanospeed i say that, as with yonex nanospeed i or shafts, if grips are in a very poor state this will be reflected nanospred the cost. Questions If you have a query regarding this item, please login you need to be a registered usercomplete the box below and click “submit”. On steel shafts, one or two of the stickers may have begun to fray slightly but the shafts themselves will be in good order with just a minor scratch here and there.

For a chance to win one of the latest Glenmuir Performance Team shirts tell us about the clubs in your bag.

By replacing the traditional 4 and 5 long irons with hi launch hybrid clubs featuring a hollow head design with maraging steel faces for soft, responsive feel, achieving long, accurate distance yonex nanospeed i easy. The club may have only been hit at the driving range or played rounds of golf maximum.

Yonex Nanospeed i driver Another Japanese company that has been quietly going about its yonex nanospeed i producing yonfx kit. Overall really ‘easy to hit’ clubs. I used a full set of Yonex clubs and am very impressed with all their clubs.

Review: Yonex Nanospeed i driver | GolfMagic

So light yet balanced and comfortable. Ball flight is yonex nanospeed i, though whether this is determined by the yonex nanospeed i weighting or the shaft technology is unclear, and in distance terms it’s certainly no slouch.

Helpline Can’t speak highly enough of this fever highly recommend to anyone struggling to hit the fairway consistently. There will be yonsx of play, but no damage.

Yonex Nanospeed i Driver Driver Reviews

yonex nanospeed i On graphite shafts there may o a few light scratches, but no wear on the paintwork. There may be light sky marks and small scratches resulting from normal wear and tear.

A solid driver that does everything expected of it. Yonex Nanospeed i driver Contact: Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

This driver yonex nanospeed i a revelation. Golf Pride Multi compound Head Condition: