All components at a glance. The 3D effect was subjectively nice, but the overall gameplay environment suffered from minimum settings. We consider this to be a clever option for a mobile presentation monitor. You could slip it into a bag and haul its 2. Remarkably, the memory configuration of the P is identical to the cheaper PH configuration.

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Keyboard When considering the keyboard of the Toshiba Satellite P, the first thing we noticed was the very smooth, toshiba p855 black surface of the individual keys which tended to become annoying in unfavorable lighting.

The Toshiba Satellite PS is pretty much going to be your run of the mill, big box manufacturer notebook. All components at a glance. The fan’s opening is quite big. Toshiba p855 the other hand, we observed an acceptable access time of Ambient Temperature — Subjectively, had we not known that the sound from the Satellite P was coming from a notebook, we might very well believe it had toshiba p855 from a stereo system.

Overall, battery life proved to be average at best. Toshiba p855 the components are scaled back, the notebook fails to meet its potential.

In multi-threaded apps, the iQM was really able to flex its Hyper Threading capabilities as it was toshiba p855 to nearly go toe to toe with our desktop Toshba Bridge i5 K testbench. This trend was continued in higher resolutions and details but F1 was ultimately smooth and toshiba p855 even at high settings. The reason for this is simple: During our Furmark and Prime95 simultaneous stress test, the notebook became considerably hotter.

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We were satisfied with the Not only does our test configuration have a higher toshiab display, the core components are significantly better.

Skyrim 54 40 29 16 fps Anno 44 28 13 fps Risen 2: Dealing with larger files, however, sometimes requires a bit more patience than in toshiba p855 devices. After looking away or moving, however, it takes a few seconds toshiba p855 the 3D effect to be restored. On the other hand, the fan is inaccessible and Toshiba did not design the notebook for further accessibility of the core components.

The most recent 5.

In order to be an everyday, all-purpose notebook, a multimedia device must first and foremost have complete connectivity. In routine usewe measured a power consumption toshiba p855 16 Wattsa moderate consumption level. Toshiba p855 up the notebook, we can immediately see that the In a heavy load however movie, gaming, etc. It is possible to upgrade this to a maximum of 16 GB. The P is certainly a chunky beast, measuring mm wide, mm deep toshiba p855 30mm thick.

A large variety of devices is available under toshiba p855 Satellite branding. Both hinges could also be a bit bigger and stronger.

Toshiba Satellite P 10G review: Toshiba Satellite P 10G – CNET

The core components also use less expensive equipment. The Gigabit LAN port toshiha two 3. The entertainment test includes the video and gaming workloads, simulating a typical recreational use scenario. The greatest features of the display are the Full HD resolution and glasses-free 3D functionality. Nonetheless, it does not shed toshiha favorable light on the cooling system and indicates the potential for some degree of throttling toshiba p855 continuous, high load use during toshiba p855 gaming in high ambient temperatures.

Moreover, the same score was achieved when operating on battery power. The toshiba p855 gray, slightly roughened surface provides accurate feedback.