Do hope to hear from you soon. Just download them in zip format, and then manually install them from device manager. March 17, at 4: Thanks, I should have assumed people would have needed that hint. Austin-Powers Hi, thanks for great work. Problems started with the Windows Update.

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You will see that there is some Base System with!

What is the model number if you have the spec sheet perhaps you can advise accordingly, as there are some old huawei usb modem required firmware upgrade on the usb stick in order for it to be compatible with Win 8 and The installation is actually remarkably eee pc 1000h acpi forward. Can you help me to make these things work reply. OK, lets eee pc 1000h acpi short and below are some tips and tricks you need pcc be aware of when you install Windows 10 in your Eee PC H:.

Thanks for the informative information and the two files.

I was then able to install Asus Update and then able to update the bios to The eye candy, yup, I know, shallow, but the built-in themes are beautiful, love the Australian theme and I assume themes will be available by region.

Do hope to hear from you soon. Hope that you are well. You may then proceed to download and install the Asus Hybrid Engine from my shared eee pc 1000h acpi Subscribe in a reader.

January 11, at 2: Eee pc 1000h acpi 1000n all of my programs and libraries to the larger drive when win7 was on the 8G, but I still ran out of space. Austin-Powers Hi, thanks for great see. Battery life is around 5 hours on my 6 eee.

First impressions are awesome, system is responsive, stable, search is fast, battery life great and the environment is more consistent and visually appealing. March 27, at 3: After 1 hour of installation, viola… my machine is back to life again, and I can even show off to my friends, that I had eee pc 1000h acpi a new life to my old notebook. But there is another option on the program to instal from a file and this works well and quickly.

Asus EeePC H with Windows 10

The E7 blog The Windows 7 Blog for Developers for deep technical content Enjoy Windows 7 beta 1 on your Netbook and be sure pcc send pv feedback to the product group via the “Send Feedback” links scattered across most parts of the OS.

Last but not least, in order to make your machine eee pc 1000h acpi faster, install a 4GB Pendrive or insert a 4GB memory card into the card slot and configure ReadyBoost to run on it. Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device ensure you read the warning!!

Just a note about the bios update.

Asus EeePC 1000H with Windows 10

Once the driver installs, for me I got a blank screen and I had to hard reboot. Ronald Soo from my test, the latest windows 10 will not work with this eeePC, hence I am using the older eee pc 1000h acpi for now.

Thanks for the file links.

January 13, at 4: Replying to your questions: A lot of guides will tell you you have to run compact on the drive. This device also controls the eee PC specific hotkeys. Make sure you key in the 1000hh serial number during installation yes it will not work without your license key.

Any advice on how you set up your drives? eee pc 1000h acpi

I did it on the HE version and it worked perfectly fine. Springboard from mortarboard to onboard says: Battery life on the system is pretty similar eee pc 1000h acpi running Windows XP and Vista.

I saw a few incomplete guides out there, including the one that I used to install Windows 7 on my eee PC