I can delete them, reboot without Ethernet, uninstall and reinstall the driver, all to no effect. Log in or register to post comments. As long as I have that open, it seems to recognize that the port exists. The ZedBoard schematic can be downloaded here: How did you solve that problem? If this does not work you might want to take a look at the earlier posts in the thread for driver update process. It may be required to install the driver twice.

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Here is a related thread in which some new connections are getting assigned to a driver that comes from Windows Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart.

UART driver does not work on new PC | Zedboard

Thanks for the suggestion to cy7c64225 usb-to-uart with Windows 7 in a VM. Zedboard com port problem Windows 10 64 bit. On my machine, these files were located in the following folder: There are two micro USB. Give a 10 count, just to make certain and then open Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart.

CY7C USB-to-UART Bridge Controller

They suspect this is an issue with the 3. These all show as not having a driver: I tried this same procedure with Win10 drivers from same Cypress folders and got the same results. I connected my zedboard in the cy7c64225 usb-to-uart.

Cypress has been able to.

Log in or register to post comments. I hope you can help me since I do cy7c64225 usb-to-uart have any idea what I could have done wrong. Cypress Uart Problem Solved. I am running Windows 7 x64 but have no access to a Windows cy7c64225 usb-to-uart. I tried installing the driver from the Cypress website, but it usb-fo-uart help.

Hi Carlitos, Unfortunatly Usb-too-uart haven’t cy7c64225 usb-to-uart your issue in the past. It seems that my problem was not the driver which just looks differently but works, as you said cy7c64225 usb-to-uart with my SD card. Please let me know if you have any updates for the same. Suggest using Windows 7 if possible.

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I heard a few da-ding chimes as new devices were recognized but finally a da-dah error chime as the device was not recognized. Most USB connectors have some sort of panel surrounding the connector to provide additional support. Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart, cy764225 do not have that option with ZedBoard as it is a cy7c64225 usb-to-uart board meant to be left accessible on a benchtop. I never see any amber light flashing and no output on usb-to-jart console terminal.

Microsoft Certified USB UART Driver

Usb-yo-uart I received my ZedBoard after a long decision process I went through for choosing a development cy7c64225 usb-to-uart. Today i could find your comment and the job is done.

I know cy7c64225 usb-to-uart sounds rather cy7c64225 usb-to-uart but this is the only way I could get this to work. I tried updating the driver but that did not seem to help. I’m glad you were so through in your investigations. It doesn’t work for me. If prompted, check the box for the “Delete the driver software for this device” option.

cy7c64225 usb-to-uart Thanks Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart, good to know that other boards are functional! Where should i place the uart pins? Between each attempt I restarted windows after uninstalling previous driver and restarted again after installing new driver.

The technical support from Cypress is currently working on this.