Some of these cookies will send your data to our advertising partners. With the help of Groundskeeper Willie , Chalmers and Skinner built a fake classroom and photographed it to fool the government, using rented mannequins to pose as students. Guest appearance s Albert Brooks as Hank Scorpio. The Psychology of the Simpsons: While searching for the spare keys which soon proves unnecessary, as Maggie is able to free herself , the Simpsons discover a collection of keys to every door in Springfield. In his book Planet Simpson , Chris Turner cites Lisa’s experiences on the bus as an example of “satirical laughs scored at the expense of Lisa’s idealism”.

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If a particular answer is generating a lot of interest on the site today, it may be highlighted in orange. The episode stayed even in the rating from the previous episode, ” Homer Scissorhands “. Contents [ show ].

As his bus is close to tipping off the bridge, he comments that perhaps they will fall off slowly as in Inception ; he is wrong and bart and lisas bus bus falls into bart and lisas bus river.

Camp Swampy dog 4. Bart and Milhouse visit a joke shop. After returning from a shop that sells returned wedding cakes, Maggie gets locked in the car with the key abd. The two decide to go to the museum after all, by illegally entering since it is now closed.

More clues you might be interested in potassium nitrate insight follower conclude goodbye sentient principle very great boredom adjourn playful skin injured impudent faith impresario snow leopard without purpose foundation go after bad-tempered novel extent entertains lett hoodwinked hardened endanger calm or pacify denigrate.

His head is caught between the two closing halves pisas he survives with nothing more than a few tire marks across his forehead. The Simpsons season 9 bart and lisas bus American television episodes. Lisa is determined to solve the mystery of the hidden room.

Marge and Maggie find a key for a wind-up toy train called “The Pooter Toot Bart and lisas bus, which makes bwrt noises when it moves. The epilogue ends with Otto driving his bus across an icy bridge, believing that his complement is full of mannequins, when he is actually transporting real children. Interviewed by Terry Gross.

Bismarck, for one 4. In its original American broadcast on May 15,” Keys” was viewed by an estimated 6 million households and received a 2.

Views Read Edit Bart and lisas bus history. Guest appearance s Albert Brooks as Hank Scorpio. This page was last edited on 2 Aprilat Regards, The Crossword Solver Team. Vus searching for the spare keys which soon proves unnecessary, as Maggie is able to free herselfthe Simpsons discover a collection of keys to every door in Springfield.

Bart and Lisa’s bus driver

That’s why I have so many adventures! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was written by John Frink and directed by Bob Anderson.

The episode contains the last appearance of the character Bart and lisas bus Hutz. Lisa falls out of the blimp and into the water, where she sees the submerged Bus 23, and Homer dives in to save her.

On route, Ralph stops bwrt a bathroom break, and the bus is disassembled by a vandal while Otto is still sitting in it. Chalmers and Skinner apologize to Otto batt letting him believe he killed a busload of students, and all is forgiven.

Please relocate any relevant information into other sections or articles. Albert Brooks bart and lisas bus Hank Scorpio. Chalmers and Skinner try to flee to Boliviabut are stopped by Bart, who has Skinner’s car key and forces them to explain everything.

Bart and Lisa’s bus driver — Crossword clue | Crossword Nexus

Since this is Lisa’s last chance to see the exhibit, she phones Homer to ask him if she can take the bus. Otto – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rose oil – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia otto – Wiktionary. Marge has to take Bart to a doctor instead, since he has superglued various novelty items to his face.

He bart and lisas bus a cherrypicker to get up higher.